16 Jul

Plan The Perfect Getaway in Bala Ontario

How do you define your perfect getaway in Bala, Ontario? Leaving the city and diving into nature? Eating great meals? Sitting lakeside with a good book and a nice wine? No matter what it is, you will fall in love with the Muskoka region. Although every season is special here, summer is our favourite! Just a two-hour drive north from Toronto and the weather is warm in the sun, cool in the shade, and the evenings are soothing, allowing the stress to melt away. Everything listed here is easily accessible in less than 30 minutes by car or one hour by bicycle from The Dudley Inn. So, feel free to enjoy the gorgeous view just getting there and take a side road or two. The drives are gorgeous, as well as the cottages. They don’t call it cottage country for nothing. Once you arrive to your destination, linger for a while, it’s your holiday!

Relaxing in Bala and Muskoka

You can kick back on The Dudley Inn’s grounds and be perfectly content. We’re happy to accommodate you all day long, but Muskoka has so much to offer, we encourage you to check it out. Take Bala Falls for example. It’s no Niagara but Bala Falls is far more serene. Pull up a section of rock and listen to the white noise or take a dip.

Bala has two excellent parks, Jaspen Park and Windsor Park. Located on different sides of town, choose your shore, they both have their unique charm and different times when the sun is prime. Just a little further away is Hardy Lake, which is a nice easy hike around a pristine provincial park. The trail is well-maintained and the wildlife is abundant. This is the perfect way to work up an appetite!

Eating and Drinking Muskoka

Foodies won’t be disappointed in the choices amongst the Muskoka restaurants. Throughout the region there are food specialties from BBQ to sushi on offer. But if you’re into trying the high-end local fare you can’t go wrong with the experiences you’ll find on this list.

Lakeside Restaurant – This restaurant is perhaps one of the best in the area. Dudley Inn guests who enjoy a high-quality fine dining experience with great service and a spectacular view won’t be disappointed. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Jack and Stella – Seating is limited and there’s a reason because you’re literally floating on the dock on the lake. Offering authentic Italian with a solid wine list, this is both an experience and a menu you don’t want to miss.

Portside Fusion – The locally sourced “farm to table” concept is on display here as the chefs explore the possibilities of local foods with an exotic cultural twist. Their expansive repertoire and excellent service will make you want to visit again.

Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery – Speaking of local fare, this is a favourite activity for people who want to learn why Bala is the Cranberry Capital of Ontario. Take the tour and try the varieties of wine. It’s only a few minutes from your doorstep at The Dudley Inn!

Golf and Fish Muskoka

Bring your clubs and your rods. Just put them in the back of the car even if you don’t intend to use them. Once you see what Bala and Muskoka have to offer, you’ll be glad you did. Finding a pristine little bay to float and cast a line is easy. And the courses are so close to The Dudley Inn, grabbing a quick 18 is a snap.

Muskoka is a golfer’s heaven in the summer. There are 15 golf courses in less than a 30-minute drive from us. You could spend two weeks at The Dudley Inn and never golf at the same place twice. Once your round is over, you can drop off your clubs and still have time to fish, wakeboard, dine, shop, or just relax. Fishing in Muskoka is almost legendary but you’ll have to butter up the locals to find the best fishing spots. Luckily, everyone is nice here! Don’t worry, the area won’t run out of fish or boats to rent so you can get to them. Fishing is a relaxing way to see the sights and grab a local catch. Make sure you’ve update your Ontario Outdoor License and your Ontario Boating License before you come.

The type of fish you’ll find in Lake Muskoka and the surrounding lakes are:

Shop Bala and Port Carling

If you are a shopping or antiquing veteran, then you know that the trick is keeping your eyes peeled for signs as you drive the area. There is no better place for it than cottage country. Artists and craftspeople are abundant in the area so if you see an open-air market, make sure you stop. Of course, there are also destination shops.

Muskoka Chair Company – Right up the road from us is where they make the iconic Muskoka chairs. You can visit, see how they make them, and buy one of the unique styles you may not find in the stores.

Muskoka Bear Wear – When you visit the area you might wonder why you see a lot of bear prints on people’s clothing. It’s because they know the comfort of Muskoka Bear Wear in Port Carling. Go in, feel the fabric, then you’ll know.

Romance In Muskoka

Romance is about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully, we’ve inspired some ideas for romantic activities that couples can do together to create lasting memories. From delicious dinners to beautiful drives to holding hands on the shore and watching the sunset together, The Dudley Inn hopes to be your yearly destination as it has been over the years for so many happy couples.

Make your reservation now and find out why we’re one of Muskoka’s best places to stay.